Tune Time

If you play music, everybody wants to know what kind of music you play. Classical? Bluegrass? Prog rock? It’s wearisome. Saying, “I just do whatever pleases me,” is true, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of information.

Some years ago I coined the term “avant-pop” to describe my synthesizer music. It’s heavily influenced by ’80s synth-pop, but with bits of prog or fusion tossed in and a disinclination to follow any particular stylistic trend. Because I don’t sing, it’s all instrumental, but I do like a nice melody.

Before long I’ll have another “CD” to add to my bandcamp page. I have about ten new tracks, most of them near completion. Here, to give you an advance taste, are three pieces that I’ve been polishing up this week. I think we’ll start with “French Nails It”:

I don’t always focus on the emotion in a piece, but “Looking Back” has a wistful feeling to me. And editing the swing rhythms was not a one-click process, believe me:

Quite possibly this next tune, “Human Maneuvers,” will kick off the CD, but I’ll drop it last here because it’s more of a rocker and I don’t want anyone to get the impression that rocking out is all I do. Yes, the title is a reference to two ’80s bands:

All these tracks were done in Reason 11 Suite. I have more plugin synths than ought to be legal, so it’s pretty much impossible to tell you which instruments you’re hearing at any given moment.

No, you won’t hear these pieces on soundcloud, and probably not on youtube either. I don’t like audio compression. The compression algorithms sometimes do hideous things to electronic tones. What you’re hearing here are mp3 files encoded at the upper end 320kbps rate. To my ears, this is bearable (barely). Of course, the results will depend on the quality of your speakers. If you’d like to come over to my house to listen to the music on my system, as I intend it to sound, ping me. You could even take me out to dinner afterward.

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