Cover Reveal II!

The scribblin’ elves at the Aikin Magic Factory have been busy. Two books published within a week of one another!

Truth is, both of these projects have been in the works for years. The short story collection is already live on Amazon, but I’ve asked the cover artist to do a little more work, so it will have a revised cover. In the meantime, here’s the cover for While Caesar Sang of Hercules, a historical mystery. It should be available for your purchasing pleasure in a couple of days.

First the teaser copy from the back cover, and then the amazing cover art by

Unseen danger, scheming suspects, colorful characters, and a rich tapestry of historical detail combine in an unforgettable tale of romance and suspense on the Bay of Naples during the reign of Nero.

At a grand banquet, a minor nobleman is poisoned and dies. Suspicion swirls first around the household slaves: If any of them did it, all of them will be put to death! Germanus has well-hidden reasons for hating false accusations, so he sets out to find the murderer, his only clue a severed human thumb. Secretly in love with the beautiful young widow, he knows he can never hope she’ll care for him: As a slave, he’s far beneath her notice. But when she’s accused of the murder, their lives are on a collision course with disaster.

Drum roll, please….

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