Cover Reveal!

Over the years a few of my stories have been published various places — in Asimov’s, in Fantasy & Science Fiction, and so on. Yeah, paying markets. I don’t tend to submit to amateur zines. I also have a few stories that, for some weird reason, nobody ever bought. And … within mere days, you’ll be able to buy and enjoy a collection of the very best of the lot! Fifteen fantasy stories. Well, two or three are science fiction, not fantasy, but I’ve come to feel that technically science fiction is simply a sub-genre within fantasy, so there’s that.

EDIT: Only one day later, it’s out! It’s not on my Amazon Author page yet, but if you zip over to Amazon and search for “house of broken dolls” it will jump right out at you. 380 pages of great stories — what’s not to like?

The rather startling cover was designed by my friend Chris Ledgerwood, who was at one time the art director of Keyboard, where I worked as an editor. Oh, and the quote from Isaac Asimov is entirely genuine. You’ll have to buy the book and read the Foreword to learn how it came about.

Without further ado….

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