Okay, okay, twist my arm. Now that I’m committed to spending a bunch of money for an actual professionally designed author website, I figured I’d better do the easy stuff too. Started a Facebook author page (Jim Aikin Author) independent of my personal FB page, and set up @AuthorAikin as a Twitter handle. And now I get to feed the baby birds. Cheep, cheep! Or maybe I mean, “Cheap! Cheap!”

Remember when Mad magazine’s cover said “25¢, Cheap”?

The point of this flurry of activity is not to sell more books, though of course I’d be delighted if you’d sprint off to Amazon and gorge yourself on my written words. (They’re cheap!) The point is, frankly, to bamboozle a literary agent. My working theory is that if you pitch a novel to an agent, one of the first things the agent will do is check you out on social media. They’ll find the website, and this blog, and my Amazon author page, and my Facebook and Twitter presence, and this will lure them into the misapprehension that I’m doing some effective self-promotion.

I’ve just sabotaged the entire effort by admitting it, but honesty has always been my besetting weakness. One of half a dozen, I suppose.

So send me a Friend request on Facebook! All are welcome! Follow me on Twitter, as I quick-march off into Okefenokee Swamp, there to commune with Pogo, Albert, Porkypine, and Grundoon.

Come to think of it, I have a YouTube channel too. That’s mostly electronic music, though, and I have never figured out how to delete videos from a YouTube channel. I don’t think they let you do that. Anyway, what would I put on a YouTube channel? Nobody wants me to vlog, I’ll tell you that. Not even if I wear a funny hat.

Okay, back to work. I’m determined to spend as much time as I need in order to make my next novel as unmarketable as possible. It’s already too long. Maybe add footnotes, that would be a death knell. Somebody told me it was a mistake to leave the epigraph in Latin, that I ought to provide the English translation. No way!

Ubi dubium ibi libertas. It’s how I roll.


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4 Responses to Facelift

  1. milesandkarla says:

    So… pay someone to festoon the site with stuff that makes it unreadable & impossible to navigate.
    Ever notice how well clean & simple works for Google?

  2. midiguru says:

    Not sure what you’re bitching about, Miles. You seem to have made a sweeping judgment about a new site design before you’ve even seen it.

    • milesandkarla says:

      Actually, reacting to “committed to spending a bunch of money for an actual professionally designed author website.”

      Having built way too many websites, back in the day when I was one of the few who knew how to spell website – and these days, getting bombarded by at least a dozen spams a week for “we can redesign your website” – I’ve simply come to observe that “professionally designed website” generally translates to lots of bells and whistles, akin to what designers do to perfectly good & readable magazines. And… come to appreciate that clean & simple – a la Google – generally works a lot better.
      (Note: Talking solely about the front-end here – where everything comes down to “can I find what I’m looking for?” and “is it legible?” Fancy back-end functionality is a completely different story – that’s where the magic happens, and can be quite useful – again, Google being a great example.)

      • midiguru says:

        Fair enough. I’m not planning to employ a lot of bells and whistles. For one thing, that would add to the cost! What I have now (at musicwords.net) is hand-coded by me. It doesn’t look professional, and it’s not mobile-friendly. My new site (probably at jimaikin.net) will use a modern design template, and will be mobile-friendly. At the moment I’m trusting the designers to keep it clean and simple, and I won’t be required to pay the balance until it looks right. They’ve done a lot of author sites, and I’ve looked at their work.

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