I’ll Just Leave This Here…

I don’t want to email my minister about this. She’s new, I’ve already been disagreeable to her once, and I already mentioned the current topic to her (in a nice way) a couple of weeks ago. What I told her was that when I hear, from the pulpit, a parade of suffering and woe, it makes me not want to go to church. This is a Unitarian Universalist church, so it’s not like I’m worried about my soul being saved or anything. I’d just like to hear some optimism, some inspiration, some celebration of beauty, thank you very much. If I want to gnash my teeth over how fucked up the world is, I can read the news on Facebook.

So I open my email in-box, and here’s the weekly church newsletter, which starts off with a message “From Your Minister.” The topic is resilience, and resilience is certainly a fine thing, but is it really cultivating resilience if we start by being battered down? I will extract the relevant brief excerpts: “times of crisis”, “the September 11th attacks”, “Several beloved members died”, “lost in our individual grief”, “traumatic loss”, “Some of us may feel like we’re battling ourselves in the winter months. Some of us are so keenly aware that the world does not recognize our humanity with equality”, “our moments of weakness.”

For two or three reasons, I have to go to church this Sunday. Gotta drop off some sheet music, maybe talk to some people about the audio/visual system, remind some people about a fun board games session in the afternoon.

Oh, I know. It’s kinda too cold to go strutting around in a thin jersey, but I have a jersey that I had custom-printed a few years ago. On the front in big letters, it says, “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE.” Yeah, maybe it’s time to wear that to church. Hope I can still find it.

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