Long Day’s Journey

The time-honored, lint-covered line is, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!” Ah, well. What I hoped was the fat lady singing turns out to have been the screech of brake drums, or possibly the hooting of a distant owl.

Books 1, 2, and 3 of my series are out on Amazon, and I’m starting the edits on Book 4. Now, these four novels are actually one continuous story, which is split up for purposes both dramatic and pragmatic. In going through my editor’s notes on Book 4, it quickly becomes clear that I’m not done with the first three books yet. A few non-trivial changes will need to be made.


The good news is, with electronic publishing I can easily upload new versions of the files. The bad news is, if you’ve already purchased (and read) the 1.0 versions of these titles, you won’t have access to the 1.1 versions unless you purchase them separately, and you may not even realize they exist. For this reason, you may find certain details of Book 4 when it appears a bit confusing. Like why Arik is suddenly wanting to assert himself as the Emperor, when before he was no more than amused by his ancestral claim to the throne.

Arguably, I should have waited to publish until I was finished with all of the edits. But (a) I needed the psychological momentum, the feeling that I’ve been making real progress, and also (b) that’s not how George R. R. Martin does it.

One of the catch-phrases often heard in Alcoholics Anonymous is, “More will be revealed.” This is sometimes amended to, “More will be required.” True, and true.

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