The Rot Starts at the Top

According to a Huffington Post story this morning, President Obama’s response to yesterday’s widespread protest marches was this:

“President Barack Obama also weighed in, saying one of the chief issues at stake is ‘making sure that people have confidence that police and law enforcement and prosecutors are serving everybody equally.'”

No, Mr. President. People having confidence is not the issue. The issue is, the police are killing unarmed citizens (most of them African-American) as a result of minor infractions or for no reason at all — and getting away with it. That is the issue.

We can read Obama’s comment one of two ways. Possibly he doesn’t even know what the real issue is — but I doubt that. I think he knows. The problem is that he can’t say it out loud. He’s so embedded in the structure of wantonly brutal power in this country that he feels he has no alternative but to support that power structure by consciously, publicly, and cravenly misrepresenting what’s going on.

How can people have confidence in something that isn’t the case? They’ll have confidence only if they’re deluded and benumbed by a barrage of propaganda. What Obama is saying boils down to, “Our propaganda isn’t working.” Well, yeah, it isn’t. You got that right, dude.

What he conspicuously isn’t saying is, “The protesters are right. The system is fucked up, and we need to change it.”

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1 Response to The Rot Starts at the Top

  1. After all this time it still upsets folks to realize Mr. Obama is a risk-averse, cautious, moderate person who despises rocking the boat. It’s a refutation of all the propaganda about him being a radical socialist, uber-liberal extremist they heard (from somewhere).

    See, I agree with you, especially your closing statement. But that’s a position he would never state out loud, even if he believes it to some extent. Instead, he will continue to try and walk a tightrope in public, avoiding offense wherever he can. Change will have to sneak in through a DOJ side entrance, if at all. Or it will have to come through us.

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