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More About Mysteries

In my ongoing search for new mystery authors, I picked up The Vanished Man, by Jeffery Deaver. It’s a New York police procedural — a bit more gritty than I prefer, but not too gruesome. The chief sleuth, Lincoln Rhyme, is … Continue reading

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Biblical Scholarship

Here’s what I’m trying to understand. Quite a lot of Christians are good, decent people. And yet, when they go to church on Sunday, up at the front of the church is a big fat book with a bunch of … Continue reading

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…and the Mysterians

In search of new mystery authors, I have now read three novels by Laura Lippman. I’m giving up on her. Too slow-paced, and when you scrutinize the plots they tend to have holes. I’ll put up with holes in a … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Beholder

Evolution is rather stingy. It doesn’t tend to produce or maintain functions that have no purpose … and of course the only thing evolution is concerned with is producing babies who grow up to have more babies. Not even survival … Continue reading

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Stepping Out (Csound/JI)

Found this little experiment on my Mac tonight. I had forgotten I did it. [audio] It isn’t really a piece of music — just a texture. I suppose it’s post-minimalist, if you like genre terminology: It’s not intended to go … Continue reading

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Hunting for a Mystery

Yesterday I prowled the Mystery section of the local public library, in search of a new author. I’ve read an awful lot of mysteries over the years, both classic pulp paperbacks and fat books by johnny-come-latelies. We all have our … Continue reading

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When Less Is Not More

Was minimalism ever interesting? One of the regulars on the Csound mailing list posted a link to his new online album, which consists entirely of extremely long, sustained sine tones. Or perhaps other things happen at some point; after 20 … Continue reading

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