Modular Mojo, Day 7: Big Beat

It takes years to learn to play the cello. Expecting instant magic when you start working with a modular synth is probably expecting too much. It’s just another musical instrument, after all. In addition to learning various techniques, you need to learn to become sensitive to the sounds you’re hearing.

Not being a complete novice, it’s taken me only a few days to come up with a clip that I don’t mind showing off. It’s only a rhythm track, not a piece of music, but I don’t feel it’s without points of interest:

The sound source was my new euro-rack modular, but not by itself. I recorded two tracks into Reason, and you’re hearing them both, with compression and echo added by Reason devices. The two tracks basically use the same patch, but with a little tweaking, which included tuning the oscillator down an octave for the second pass. The rhythm comes from a Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot, and the envelope variations are mostly due to a Make Noise Maths, with a little help from a Tiptop z4000 envelope generator. The filter is a WMD Micro Hadron Collider.

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