I keep thinking this tune is finished, and then I massage it some more. Okay, it’s smooth jazz, more or less — sorry about that. I didn’t mean it, honest, it just happened. And no odd tunings this time.

The working title is “Floogle.” The main instruments are u-he Zebra (main melody), AAS Lounge Lizard 4 (electric piano), Spectrasonics Trilian (fretless bass), and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX (beats). NI Reaktor does a cameo in the introduction, and there’s a bit of Camel Audio Alchemy later on.

I’m trying to learn more about mixing. I tried something new (for me, anyway) in this mix. After comparing my track to those on a few CDs, I decided that the up-close synthesizer sound (which I rather like) isn’t quite what the pros seem to prefer, so I added a touch of global reverb (u-he Uhbik-A).

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