Music is supposed to be profound and deeply moving, right? And intellectually challenging, too, that’s essential.

Uhh, maybe not always. Sometimes you need a little bubble gum. Or I do, anyway.

This morning, while poking around on my backup hard drive, I noticed an mp3 called “puppies.mp3.” Whaa? I tracked down the sequencer file, which was two years old but providentially still loaded just fine. (This is not guaranteed always to be the case.) The tune was about 95% done, but still a bit slack.

I don’t know why I abandoned it and then forgot about it, but I may have been embarrassed by how cute it is. It sounded salvageable, though, so I spent about six more hours on it, throwing down two or three hundred new edits, a few large but mostly small.

I can get unbelievably picky about note lengths — those were the small edits. Also, I have a tendency to play ahead of the beat while recording, so I had to nudge 30 or 40 assorted notes back just a hair so they’d sit better. The large edits included deleting one measure in the middle, adding two measures at the end, entirely changing one of the melody sounds, and adding a little chime in the background to brighten it up.

I love having technology that lets me do this stuff.

I’m not sure of the title. For now, we’ll call it “Square-Dancing Puppies.”

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