Work in Progress

I’d love to read comments on this piece. It’s not quite finished, and it’s complicated enough that my thought processes are getting a little scattered. I’m not going to point out the things I feel may need more work — I want to find out what you think.

The only thing I’ll say up front is: This piece is in 31-note equal temperament, but it was written in such a way as to avoid confronting the listener too directly with that fact. It’s intended, in other words, to sound almost like conventional 12-note equal temperament … but not quite. It’s called “A Very Slow Carousel.”

The outer sections use triadic harmonies, which sound much sweeter in 31 than in 12. In the center section you’ll hear some slightly more outside chords and a chromatic run. And as I often do, I avoided 4/4 time.

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  1. I love it! It is very relaxing.

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