Ads on My Posts? WTF?

Usually I’m logged in when I visit my blog. As a result, I don’t necessarily see quite what others see when they visit. Only tonight did I happen to learn that when a visitor clicks on the title of a post so as to read the whole thing, they get an animated advertisement. Maybe even a video.

And there seems to be no close button, so the ad can’t be dismissed.

This is fuckin’ unforgivable. I am not a commercial site. I derive no income from Sears or whatever the fuck is being advertised. I was not advised by WordPress that they had instituted a new policy. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do about it, other than stagger into the bathroom and toss my lunch. But some action is clearly called for.

Apologizing to my tiny readership? Well, yeah, but I’ve done nothing that I need to apologize for.

Folks — whatever you see advertised here, I’d really appreciate it if you would visit the nearest commercial outlet that provides the advertised product and urinate on the floor in front of the cash register. You can always claim it was an unfortunate accident.

Apparently the ads are intermittent. But just to prove that I’m not hallucinating:

Commercial Truck Season

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2 Responses to Ads on My Posts? WTF?

  1. Terry Cox says:

    Jim– just FYI, I’m not seeing ads when I hit your blog on my Mac or iPad. Haven’t seen a single one.

    • midiguru says:

      The highest probability is when you look at a post that has a link to an mp3. Even then, it’s probably random rather than continuous. It’s also possible that they removed the ad activity from my most recent post (“Work in Progress”) after I complained. All of the other posts that have media links are showing ads more or less continuously.

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