Today’s news about Occupy Wall Street reminded me of this song:

SoundCloud was smart enough to know that I was trying to upload it in violation of copyright, so I put it up (quite illegally, I assure you) on my own site.

Judy Collins recorded it in 1966 — 45 years ago now. If the lyrics seem a trifle strident when measured against the current very mild protests, you might want to remember that the French Revolution of 1789 (which is what this song is about) was directly inspired by the American Revolution of 1776.

That, not coincidentally, is why the French designed, shipped, and erected the Statue of Liberty. It was their tribute, in 1876, to the Centennial of the American Revolution.

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2 Responses to Anthem

  1. Ron Greenman says:

    One of the best songs on an album with nothing on it but best songs.

  2. Ron Greenman says:

    And by the way–alegrías para las transferencias directas ilegales de la música de la guerrilla.

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