Move On … But Where?

Had a look at this morning. As usual, I like everything on their site. They’re totally on the money. It’s what I didn’t see that’s disturbing.

I didn’t see a speck of leadership. Dissecting the bad guys is an important part of the process — but what are you proposing in the way of social reform?

They have a page where you can “Help Write the Contract for the American Dream.” In other words, “We don’t know what should happen next, or what should happen instead. Maybe you have some ideas.” Sheesh.

I once sat through a corporate meeting in which the manager had us write a mission statement. It was a complete waste of time. I was already working in the department. I knew perfectly well what my mission was. But apparently my manager hadn’t a clue what we were doing. I’m sure she had gone to a management seminar where they told her she should have the department write a mission statement. So much for leadership.

So wants us to write a mission statement. That’s not leadership. That’s a vacuum.

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