Talking Moose

My interview with Pomplamoose is out! It’s featured in the February issue of Keyboard. Not available online, of course — you’ll have to actually buy a copy. (How 20th century.)

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto them. They have a couple of dozen music videos up on YouTube, and they’re just a unique band. Classic pop arrangements and lots of video energy. Plus, they’re a true viral … well, whatever noun goes with “viral,” I guess. Some of their videos have racked up millions of views. And this without a record deal of any kind, or indeed a record of any kind.

It surely helps that Nataly Dawn is good-looking, but I can’t imagine that there’s a shortage of good-looking young women on YouTube. What they have going for them is not just one ingredient, it’s a blend.

I interviewed them on Skype, which was a first for me. They were at home someplace up in Marin, and I was in my home office in the East Bay, and we could see one another while we talked.

I haven’t done a lot of artist interviews in the course of my career as a music magazine writer, but most of the interviews I’ve done have been carefully chosen — chosen on the basis that I actually wanted to do the interview. Brian Eno, Keith Jarrett, Glenn Gould, the Residents, and now Pomplamoose. They’re in good company, if I do say it myself.

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