Playing the Piano for Pleasure

Most days, I spend an hour or so playing the piano. I started learning as an adult, so my technique is fairly limited, but I’m accomplished enough to enjoy playing a variety of music — Bach preludes and fugues, sonatas by Haydn and Clementi, easy Chopin (the pieces marked “Largo”).

I have exactly one friend who is in a similar situation musically, and he lives in Seattle and/or North Dakota, somewhere up there. Yesterday it occurred to me that I might be able to find people with whom I share this interest using the Great God Google.

No luck yet. A search for “amateur pianist” yielded several competitions for amateur pianists, a group in Boston, a teacher on YouTube who loves to r-r-r-roll her ar-r-r-r’s, and not much else. I think it’s great that amateurs can enter competitions, but I’m not playing at anywhere near that level — nor am I interested in competing. Competing for awards in musical excellence strikes me as a bone-stupid waste of time.

Given the frantic pace of modern life, maybe it’s understandable that there are not a lot of adults sitting around playing Bach for fun. Still, it’s kind of sad.

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One Response to Playing the Piano for Pleasure

  1. georgek says:

    When I was taking lessons (here in Seattle, up to about a year ago), every so often my teacher would have a ‘recital’, which really was just an excuse for a party where all the students would get together and each play one or two pieces. The music wasn’t all classical, but it was very well represented. It was cool to get the feeling people were all working on their music and getting better, as you’d hear people improve from party to party.

    That said, I haven’t ever heard of a ‘piano club’ in Seattle either. On the other hand, I have heard of ‘piano camps’ which sound cool.

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