Roses Among the Thorns

Lest I be accused of merely grousing and grumbling, I should mention that there are things I like a lot about Inform 7. The IDE is quite nice, for instance … and cross-platform, which is important. Each time you compile a game, Inform builds a massive index of the contents of your game, and even creates a map that shows how your rooms are laid out. Watching the map grow is pleasant. Here’s tonight’s work, in a nutshell:

A Map of the Game

The names of the rooms are abbreviated, but as you can see, a pop-up ToolTip reads them out.

That’s just the beginning of the game. Next, I need to get the characters moving around. That will lead to four or five short dramatic scenes … after which a whole new area of the map, which I haven’t yet created, will open up. Heh-heh-heh.

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