Flash (Hot/Not)

I’d like to embed full versions of about 25 pieces of music on my web page. I’d also like the mp3 files to be playable but not downloadable, as I might be able to make a few extra bucks selling CDs, or even selling mp3’s on iTunes.

A couple of obstacles present themselves. First, I’m not a real programmer. I can fiddle with HTML or even write primitive Javascript, but doing a real mp3 player is far beyond me. Fortunately, there are lots of them available online. I found one that I like, and I’ve got it working in my test page. Trouble is, this player doesn’t hide the URL of the mp3. Anyone who knows how to view the source of a page can skip the player and download the mp3.

The other issue is that this player, like others I’ve glanced at, uses Flash. And Apple, in their infinite wisdom (I’m being sarcastic), has decided that Flash isn’t good enough for their hand-held devices. So anybody who looks at the music page on my website with an iPad or iPhone is not going to be able to hear the music.

I have no idea how to address either issue. Suggestions would be more than welcome … as long as they don’t require that I do 20 types of coding that I’ve never seen before.

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2 Responses to Flash (Hot/Not)

  1. Ben Cressey says:

    You could try jplayer which uses an HTML5 audio player with a Flash-based fallback.

    The obfuscation question is more challenging, though. If you are using a client-side solution (Flash or Javascript in the browser) you are basically handing the file over to the client and telling them how to play it, so retaining control is always a bit of a losing battle. Server-based solutions like streaming have an advantage here, though a dedicated client can still find a way to record the stream.

    • midiguru says:

      Unhappily for me, there’s no documentation with jplayer, just a .js file. I would have quite a struggle figuring out how to use it, not being a real programmer.

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