QuteCsound 0.6.0 Released

Good news — Andres Cabrera has officially released version 0.6.0 of QuteCsound. It’s available for download at SourceForge. If you’ve never used Csound, this won’t mean anything to you … unless you’re tempted to try it.

QuteCsound is a very friendly, usable front end for Csound. Steven Yi’s program blue is also an excellent front end, but it’s deeper and not quite so transparent, especially if you’re not yet familiar with Csound programming.

QuteCsound gives you a code editor with auto-complete and syntax coloring, a pane that displays the Csound manual, mouse-controlled graphic widgets, tutorials, and other handy features. After creating a Csound file, just click on the Run button and you’ll hear your work — no command line interface to wrestle with, no hopping back and forth between apps.

Csound would perhaps not be a great choice for creating pop music. It’s free and has an amazingly clear sound quality, both of which are strong features, but to write music you have to type the event list yourself, note by note. For experimental music, though, it just about can’t be beat.

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