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Tonight I downloaded Richard Devine’s amazing GrainCube, which endlessly spews out a constantly changing┬ástream of provocative, ear-catching noises. It’s the ne plus ultra of abstract, aleatoric electronic music. The connections among sonic events in the slipstream are entirely in your … Continue reading

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Third World Impossible Music

When a large, powerful, well-organized force moves into a small, relatively isolated region, sets up camp, and goes about extracting wealth from the locals, we have a name for it: That’s called colonialization. This is a pretty good description of … Continue reading

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Player Piano

Conlon Nancarrow is a covert hero of mine. “Covert” because I’m not sure I actually like his music. He’s a hero because he went off and did what he did. The fact that nobody was paying any attention didn’t stop … Continue reading

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Nowhere Man

Samuel Butler’s Erewhon is one of those iconic 19th century novels that most people have heard of, but that few of us have ever bothered to read. I bought a copy years ago at a used book sale. Last month … Continue reading

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Your Mind is on Vacation

After listening to portions of a couple of podcasts last night (ambient electronica), I decided to try writing a drone piece. This requires that I turn off certain portions of my brain — namely, the portions that want to toss … Continue reading

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The Why of Doing

Sometimes I’m a mystery to myself. For months I’ve been somewhat disgusted with interactive fiction. Other than fielding a few requests for help on the newsgroup or the forum, I haven’t been doing anything with it. And now, suddenly, I’m … Continue reading

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