Media Maneuvers

As I work toward the release of my new CD, I’m experimenting with various online promotional avenues. I almost hate to say “promotion,” because I’m not really trying to make money or initiate a brilliant career as an electronic musician. I just want to let people know that the CD exists. But I guess that’s promotion.

So I created a video and put it up on YouTube. If the code embedding works properly, it will show up here:

Pretty snazzy, hunh? The graphics were created in a freeware program called GIMP, and I assembled the video in iMovie on the Mac.

Years ago, when I did some serious playing around with Photoshop, I was frustrated because I could only print one of the dozen or more cool images I’d come up with as versions of a file. Printing was expensive, andĀ framing and matting were expensive. There was no practical way to create a collage.

I was dreaming about this kind of video, but didn’t know it. Now if I can just tear myself away from GIMP long enough to write some more music … well, maybe I’ll find a balance.

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