Dipping a Toe in Video

I know there’s all this amazing software for doing stunning video. But I’m a musician. I have my hands quite full, thank you very much, keeping up with all the amazing software for doing stunning audio. Once in a while I open up GIMP and mess around with still images. But video scares me, because I know I could get lost in it, and spend tons of money too.

On the other hand, I’m about to release a new CD of original music, and I’m contemplating ways to promote it online. People seem to flock to YouTube. I really ought to put something up on YouTube. So last night I turned on my MacBook and launched iMovie.

Given that I have no intention of trying to produce anything that looks even vaguely professional, I think iMovie and the cheesy built-in camera in the MacBook may work just fine. I can assemble a video by rearranging short clips. I can add a title screen with some text, or throw in a few weird effects. I can do a voiceover or a slow pan from one part of the frame to another. And I’ll just bet I’ll be able to pull the movie into Garageband and add a music soundtrack to it.

Best of all, perhaps, I can import my still images from GIMP. iMovie automatically zooms or pans the stills slowly, and I haven’t found any user controls over this, but that’s okay. Since I myself am not quite as interesting to watch as Justin or Alicia — heck, I’m not even as interesting to watch as William Buckley — I need to come up with some provocative imagery.

The next thing to think about is, how could I script something that’s actually fun to watch? Do I want to go for political? Mystical? Inspirational? Enigmatic? Humorous? Ironically under-produced? Choices, choices.

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1 Response to Dipping a Toe in Video

  1. Dr. Will says:

    Definitely mystical, Jim, with a tinge of the political and maybe a little existential angst thrown in for good measure. Something long to eat popcorn by. Is it still April 1 in California?

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