The Never-Ending Story

Wrote a review for Electronic Musician last month of Ableton Live 8.1 in the Max For Live incarnation. I’m not going to rehash the review here … the editors of EM wouldn’t like that. They want you to buy the magazine! But now that I’ve upgraded to a new Windows 7 computer, there’s more to the story than I knew when I wrote the review.

Specifically, Live 8.1 doesn’t seem to like Win7 at all. When I ask Live to scan the VST plug-ins folder (which is where I keep my cool 3rd-party synthesizers), Live crashes. Consistently. As a Windows 7 music program, then, Live would appear to be firmly in the doorstop category. And you won’t find that out by reading the review in EM, because I hadn’t yet acquired this computer when I was writing the review.

I’ve posted a message on the Ableton forum. Maybe there’s a quick fix, and I’ll be feeling all jolly again in an hour. Maybe.

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