Novel Possibilities

I sent my new novel off to my agent several weeks ago. Today I got around to printing out a complete copy of the final draft. I print out chapters as I write them, in case of computer disaster, but in 8-pt type so as to save paper. And not all of the revisions make it into those piecemeal printouts. Having a readable copy of the whole thing is a good idea.

This is not my first attempt at a mystery. I’ve written two in years past, both unpublished … and that’s probably just as well. This time I think I came much closer to hitting the nail on the head. I’m already thinking of making a few minor changes, but the story is solid.

If my agent can sell it, I’ll turn it into a series, of course. That would be fun, and possibly even lucrative. If he can’t sell it, I doubt I’ll ever write another novel. It’s a lot of work. Also, I’ve got this idea for a screenplay. Probably a miniseries, as I can’t see shoehorning the whole sprawling story into a two-hour movie.

I’ve never written a screenplay. It’s a very different discipline! And a very difficult market, too. But if I have a good story to tell, it’s worth giving it a try.

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