There & Back Again…

I took a break from blogging for 2-1/2 months. The reason being, I was working on a novel. I just didn’t feel a need to do any more writing than that! But the novel is now in the hands of my agent (insert sounds of fingernail-chewing here).

If he’s able to sell it to a publisher, then I’ll be off to the races, writing more novels in what is planned to become a mystery series. I worked hard to make this the kind of book people will enjoy reading, and I feel cautiously optimistic about its chances. But then, I felt cautiously optimistic about Barack Obama too, and what a catastrophic mess his presidency is turning out to be!

If the novel doesn’t sell, I’ll probably tackle another nonfiction book on music technology. Details not yet ready to be announced, but certain elements are already in the planning stages.

Whatever project(s) I tackle in 2010, I plan to blog about them actively here, both during the development process and after they’re released. Anyone who is interested will be able to sort through a collection of quasi-random backstage details, and possibly also click over to the My Music page and listen to audio clips. So stay tuned!

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