No Use

I don’t own a TV, and try to stay as far away from politics as I can. Every time I hear one of the vicious lies the “conservatives” are spreading, it just makes me ill. And I can’t stop them. They’ve got the adrenalin running, they’re impervious to logic, they’re shredding civil discourse, and it all makes for good video. It’s just too awful for words.

Now for the really cynical bit:

I don’t think these people are aberrant in any way. I think they’re human. They’re not doing anything that human beings haven’t done for thousands of years — and not infrequently with great success. Human beings lie. They hate. They butcher one another when they can manage it. And the result is quite often that those doing the lying, hating, and butchering end up on the top of the heap and get to grind their boot-heels into everybody else’s faces.

I don’t think it’s useful any more to talk about Nazis. The word has been beaten into a pulp. I’m not sure it’s useful to employ words at all. “Conservatives” use words like bullets — to wound, to frighten, to tear down. It’s impossible to have a rational discussion with them, because they’re wrong on the facts, but they refuse to admit it. So they resort to name-calling, shouting, grandiose lies, scare-mongering, sneering, sloganeering, and other charming tactics.

One of their favorite tactics — and this is something Jung understood very well; it’s called projection — is to claim the other guy is doing what they themselves are doing. Sarah Palin is accusing Obama of setting up a “death panel” because she wants a death panel. She craves it. She just wants to be the one sitting on the panel, that’s all.

What I think is that Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are going to win. They’re going to win because, first, the people to whom they’re appealing are both numerous and incredibly stupid; and second, because they’re being bankrolled by multinational corporations whose only interest is in using the big pliers to extract as much profit as possible from us peons. Corporations want a government that routinely employs lies and secrecy. That’s pretty much what they’ve got right now, but there are still inconvenient voices murmuring the truth now and then. Limbaugh and Palin and Exxon and Bank of America are not going to stop until all of the dissenting voices are silenced. They’re not going to stop until they are completely in control of public “discourse” in the United States.

George Orwell knew about this shit. The title of his book, 1984, happens to be the year Ronald Reagan, the saint of the “conservative” movement, was elected to his second term. That’s only a coincidence, of course. There were vicious “conservatives” in the 1950s too. And in the 1920s, and in the 1880s. But Orwell saw what was coming.

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  1. Dr. Will says:

    Too true.

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