Sometimes I find it hard to tell the difference between depression, apathy, and simple relaxation. If I’m sitting in my easy chair, staring at the far wall and feeling nothing at all, am I depressed? Am I just bored because (with reference to anything that seems even remotely appealing) I’ve already been there and done that? Or am I recharging my batteries in preparation for diving back into the fray?

A related question: When I’m feeling overwhelmed, as sometimes happens, is that depression, or is it a realistic assessment of the complexity of the activity that I’m contemplating?

When I’m feeling unmotivated, is it because I’m getting old and lack energy, or is it because I’m getting old and have no longer have anything to prove?

The only answer I have at the moment is that when I can manage to get up out of the easy chair and go do something, I usually feel better afterward.

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