Regular readers of this blob (of whom there are about three) will notice that the most controversial of the content streams has suddenly vanished. What’s up with that?

No, I haven’t altered my views. Perish the thought! But as the discussion heated up, it occurred to me that I might be getting myself into a tricky situation.

One of the things I do for money is teach private music lessons to kids.

I know for a fact that some of the parents of my students have very conservative views on social and philosophical issues. If any of them should stumble onto a blog where (a) I’m identified by name and (b) my own views, which don’t accord well with theirs, are set forth, it would very likely cost me money. And I’m not wealthy enough to take the hit.

So I’ve started a new blog (no details here, but you can email me) to handle those topics. If you’ve been replying to my posts in that area, rest assured, your views have not been censored; they’ve just been moved to a more appropriate location.

Personally and philosophically, I’d prefer to just let it all hang out. I’m not shy, and I believe in speaking the truth. But sometimes ya gotta pay attention to which side of the bread that has the jelly on it, know what I mean?

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One Response to Discretion

  1. Marla Mendenhall says:

    For a brilliant man, you’re pretty smart!

    If my postings were of any value or entertainment, please let me know at hollowtree@netscape.com where you’ve moved your other self to. And please inform me as to how I can obtain a copy of your new Sci/Fi book. I journeyed all over your website and could find nary a reference or link. Have already downloaded Book One, though with spending time on your blog the last few days and preparing a short story for the Esquire contest I’ve had little time as yet to peruse it.

    Which reminds me, have you ever considered having The Wall republished? People are SO tired of me recommending a book that they are unable to locate easily, and could my current copy be more yellow and spine-broken? At least I don’t as yet have to reread it in sections as I did with my first.


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