I’ve been wondering why I enjoy something as bizarre and pointless as writing interactive fiction. But ultimately it’s no different from a lot of other creative hobbies.

There are people (mostly men, I imagine) who build quite elaborate model train layouts for fun. Such a train layout might fill an entire bedroom. In the evening you might find the guy building a trestle out of popsicle sticks and then painting it rust-red so it looks authentic.

In each case, what’s fun is creating a tiny model of the real world — a model that has light and color and sound in it, and where things move around. The human brain seems to like building models.

A community theatre performing Shakespeare is the same thing, isn’t it? There’s more social collaboration than if you’re building a model train, but the result is a tiny model of the real world (the life of Richard III, for instance) that includes color and sound and movement.


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. We really did create God in our image didn’t we. After all if we were omnipotent what else would we do than build the ultimate train set?

  2. That is a profound comment, Kermit. Thanks!

    Not that I believe in God, but I think the idea of God becomes much, much more interesting — and one might even say, more credible — if we set aside the idea that God is “the Creator”. We might imagine, for instance, that the Universe itself manifests a Universal Spirit of some sort as a natural process.

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