The Pull

Thinking vaguely about writing another novel. Not sure I want to go into the gory details of why I’m thinking about it.

Having written half a dozen novels (two of them published) over the past 25 years, I have at least an inkling how to set up the process. I have a writing room, which can easily be cleaned up … but here’s the problem. The computer here in the writing room is connected to the Internet.

I have this little Internet addiction problem. Nothing huge — I’m not on Second Life, I don’t do gambling sites, nothing like that. But I’m constantly checking my email and a newsgroup I participate in, plus I’m playing a few games of go on Dragon Go Server. Might check a few news headlines during the day. And then there’s Facebook.

All this stuff is way too convenient as a distraction. It’s a productivity suck.

I could unplug the Ethernet cable, but plugging it back in is way too easy.

I may end up writing on my laptop while sitting in my easy chair in the living room. (Since I live alone, there are no distractions in the living room.) But I’m not sure about the ergonomics. My forearms tend to rest on the front edge of the laptop while I’m typing, which is an invitation to tendonitis and other nasty problems.

Not sure where to go with this; just noticing the problem.

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