Viewing: Aeon Flux

As science fiction films go, Aeon Flux is a cut above. Mavens and cognoscenti will note that I’m calling it science fiction, not sci-fi. The difference is mostly in the eyes of the science fiction community, but it’s significant. What lifts Aeon Flux above sci-fi is that the premise and the plot actually make sense, more or less.

The action sequences are quite silly: Aeon has no trouble killing dozens of black-clad armed guards with her machine pistol, spraying bullets wildly at a distance of at least 50 yards and mowing the guards down like dandelions before a weed-whacker. But when one of them actually shoots her and she falls down … she gets up again and starts running and jumping as if nothing had happened.

That part was stupid, but I guess they had to do it because the movie was based on a comic book or something. But the plot wasn’t bad at all.

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  1. Tim Gayle says:

    Hmm, haven’t seen the movie, ’cause pouty baby-doll Charlize Theron was such a bizarre choice for the sinewy, hyper-athletic brunette Aeon featured in the original animations. Claudia Black would have made more sense…

    Anyway, here’s some info about what I personally know about the original show:
    “Aeon Flux” was an early 90’s American “anime” created by Peter Chung for MTV’s “Liquid Television”. When it was turned into a series, IMHO the only watchable episodes were those by Peter Chung… and they were some pretty spiffy exercises in science fiction/surreal’n’bizarre story telling and animation.
    (I quite liked the episode with Aeon running around trying to exterminate the rise of “Demi-gods”, beings that effortlessly gained the unbridled adoration of any population exposed to their presence. And the episode with Aeon making out with her own, self-produced clone…wonderfully narcissistic.)

    Also, the soundtrack/sound design by Drew Newman (which was covered by “Keyboard” magazine in the early 90’s) is still pretty cool, a funky mix of synthetic Asian sounds and atonal weirdness…

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