Reading: The Tooth Fairy

As part of my continuing survey of fantasy literature, this week I had a go at Graham Joyce’s novel The Tooth Fairy.

I made it to page 65. By that point, there was no discernible plot, and the one fantasy element (the Tooth Fairy himself) was both arbitrary and disagreeable. The Tooth Fairy wears heavy boots and cuts a child’s arm open on broken glass, for no detectable reason. On page 65, I found myself reading a scene in which three little boys are masturbating (complete with a discussion of the colors of the tissues involved). This was the third appearance of penises in the book, one of them having been the Tooth Fairy’s own.

I have no idea why anyone would have written this book. It having been written, I have no idea why anyone (Tor, no less) would have published it. I shall make a point of reading nothing else by Graham Joyce, ever again. Enough is enough.

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