Too Many Temptations

As usual, the buffet of life is overstocked with mouth-watering treats. I’ve just downloaded and installed a new synthesizer, Camel Audio Alchemy, which is quite tasty. Look for a review of it within a couple of months in one of the magazines I write for. I’m finishing up the testing phase of my next game, “A Flustered Duck,” which will be entered in the Spring Thing competition. Playing the piano is, of course, a perennial fascination. And I’m starting to contemplate, in a vague sort of way, whether I might want to do a rewrite of my most recent (unpublished) novel. Some interesting ideas are surfacing there.

A friend was giving away books, so I picked up a few old murder mysteries I haven’t read. Started one last night. And I’m participating in an Artist’s Way group on Wednesday nights, so every day I need to write a thousand words or so in my Morning Pages. (Actually, I’m doing Bedtime Pages, but don’t tell anybody.)

Yard work? Ironing? Sweeping the kitchen floor? Hell, I barely have time to bathe!

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