The Artist’s Way

I’ve had Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way on my shelf since it first came out. I picked up some insights from it, but I’ve never done the course in an organized way.

Last night I found myself sitting at a table in a meeting hall in a nearby church, at the first session of a 12-week Artist’s Way group. My friend Jen organized it; I’m way too reclusive to have pulled it together.

I’m planning to stick with it, at least for a few weeks, to see how it develops. A couple of the exercises were interesting, and doing them in a group was even more interesting, because I got to hear some of the similarities and differences in other people’s experiences and struggles.

Morning Pages, though — that’s a tough one for me. I guard my mornings. Time for a short blog entry, but not for a thousand words of rumination. I’m going to do Bedtime Pages instead.

Demographic peculiarity: The other five participants are women. Maybe that’s because most of Jen’s friends are women, or maybe it’s because in this culture men have two hurdles to leap before joining a group of this sort. First, men are not supported in urging their creativity; women are allowed to at least dabble in stuff, as long as they don’t get too serious about it. Second, men who are being creative in some way are supposed to be tough and succeed on their own. We’re not supposed to admit we need help!

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