Working on a few new articles for music magazines. You won’t get the details here, because the editors of the various fine publications would naturally prefer that you buy a copy. As a teaser, though…

For Drum!, I’m putting together “Top Ten Free Music Software Downloads.” This will be a grab bag of powerful programs that you can use without spending a nickel (except on the computer and maybe a decent audio interface). Researching this piece, I’ve found some great programs — look for them in an issue of Drum! in a couple of months.

For Keyboard, I just finished a review of a very strange plug-in synthesizer called Sonic Charge Synplant. If you’re into strange noises, check it out.

For Electronic Musician, I’m doing a column on the .scl file format, which is a way of letting software synthesizers play in alternate tunings. You can learn more on the Scala site.

This is the fun part of being a writer: I get paid to explore various weird things. For the Drum! article I’ve just installed a very respected program called SuperCollider on my MacBook Pro. It has always been a Mac program, which meant I couldn’t use it. But now I have a Mac — plus, it appears to have been ported to Windows since the last time I checked. It’s another text-based music programming app, like Csound (which I’ve used). If only there were enough hours in the week to explore all this stuff in depth!


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