Food Flashback

Is that a Frito slathered in sour cream dip on your plate, or are you glad to see me?

Just started reading In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan. Excellent book, not only for its insights into healthy eating but also for its pitiless dissection of the American obsession with junk science.

I’ve had high cholesterol for probably 30 years. Pollan’s mention of the oat bran fad took me back to the early ’80s, when a doctor first recommended that I change my diet to lower my cholesterol. I took to baking oat bran muffins. And because they were so dreadfully dry and crumbly, I’d splot big wodges of margarine on them.

As we now know, the margarine was really bad for me. I thought I was taking steps to stay healthy. Somehow I seem to have survived, in spite of my own best efforts.

Cooking anything is basically too much trouble for me. I’m sure my diet would give a nutritionist hives. Just watching me eat it, I mean. But after reading even part of Pollan’s book, I wouldn’t let a nutritionist in my kitchen. So I guess we’re both safe, me and the nutritionist, for the time being.

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