Easy Chair

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit restless — but now I’m not so sure that wasn’t just a mood swing. Yes, I’d like to connect with a real community, as detailed in yesterday’s entry (“In with the In Crowd”). But in practice, I find that I don’t want it badly enough to do very much about it.

I had a look at the websites for CNMAT and the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. Both are within driving distance, and I’m sure I could talk my way into either for a guided tour. In fact, David Wessel gave me a guided tour of CNMAT eight or nine years ago.

But why bother? A guided tour wouldn’t get me into the facility as a participant on a regular basis. For that, I’d need to be a student. And that’s not a practical option.

In practice, what I want is to sit in my easy chair and do stuff that’s easy. As long as it’s deep enough to interest me, I’m happy. Sudoku, probably not. Csound, maybe yes. Interactive fiction, definitely yes.

There’s a lot to be said in favor of comfort, low stress, and not having to drive around in circles trying to find a parking place.

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