(A Bit) More on Inform

Still plugging away at my entirely absurd text game, learning Inform 7 as I go. Making a little progress, encountering a few perplexities.

Inform very deliberately uses the text name of a room as its code name (or vice-versa, depending on how you look at it). This makes it a bit easier to create rooms that have ordinary noun-type names (Library, Gazebo, Attic, Dungeon, Miss McGillicuddy’s Frowsy Boudoir), but at the cost of interposing a stumbling block should the intrepid author wish to use a room name that begins with a word like “in” or “east”.

If you have an outdoor location (conventionally, a “room”) that you want to call “East of the Fortress,” you’ll have to tread carefully in order to avoid compiler collisions. In such a case, I recommend giving the room a separate printed name. This sort of thing seems to work:

Down from the tower top is the tower base. The printed name of the tower base is “In the Tower”.

Those who play your game will see a room called “In the Tower”, yet the compiler won’t be bamboozled into trying to create a nameless room that is “in” (an allowed direction) from another room called the Tower.

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