UPS: No Thumbs

So what is it about UPS drivers, anyhow? Are they all morons?

Because I’m self-employed as a freelance writer, and because I write reviews of software and hardware, I occasionally have packages delivered to my home. What I have found is that UPS drivers in particular are apt to toss the package on the front porch and walk away without ringing the doorbell.

This morning I got an expensive package from Mark of the Unicorn. I only noticed it was being delivered because I happened to glance out the window and see the UPS truck driving away. The doorbell never rang. If I hadn’t noticed, the box might easily have been stolen, because the porch is rather exposed.

I know the doorbell works. I also know from experience that UPS drivers tended to do this at the last house I lived in too.

I can’t ask shippers to require a signature, because I’m not always here. If I sign a tag and leave it on the doorknob, we’re back where we started — the package can be stolen, because they’ll just drop it and walk away. But if I don’t sign the tag, I have to drive all over hell and gone to pick up the package.

I guess it’s unrealistic to ask a big company like UPS to actually provide customer service in the form of scheduled delivery times. They don’t give a crap about customer service.

But at least they could stop hiring guys who are too stupid to find the goddamn doorbell button.

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1 Response to UPS: No Thumbs

  1. Marvin says:

    Yeah sure lump all Drivers together. Why just the other day I stood in the pouring rain (no covered porch ) banging on the storm door( door bell lit up but does not work), while the dog is barking up a storm and running back and forth. after banging the third time this lady walks into the room and is startled to see some one at her door , says she didn’t hear me. This happens all to often, Yeah we as drivers would like to get a sig. but that would mean I would have to go back to about 40 stops a day and that would compound daily and amount to about 250 extra stops on Fridays because some morons dont hear a doorbell or a loud knock.
    God loves you and I’m still tryiong

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