No News

I’ve been reading the San Francisco Chronicle since I was in sixth grade, which was in 1960. Most recently, while living with my mom, I read her paper every morning. But when I moved to my new house two weeks ago, I deliberately didn’t subscribe.

The sudden onset of serenity is heavenly.

I support newspapers, in principle. Important resource knitting up the social fabric, blah blah blah. But all those horrible, negative stories! And I can’t do anything about any of them. It’s a non-stop feast of violent pornography, really, nothing more.

If I don’t subscribe for a year, I can already tell you what the headlines will say in Sept. 2009. There will be famine somewhere in Africa. India and Pakistan will be snarling at one another. Cheaply made Chinese apartment buildings will have collapsed in an earthquake. Either a hurricane or a monsoon will have caused flooding and major loss of life. A ferryboat in the Philippines will have sunk, drowning 203 people. Assorted politicians will have been driven from office in disgrace, but their wives will bravely stand beside them, and none of them will ever spend a day in jail. The Arctic icecap will be shrinking. The dead zones in the ocean will be spreading. Prices will be up, wages down. Right-wing demagogues will be pandering to the fears and prejudices of morons, as usual, with great success.

Have I missed anything?

Also, I don’t have a TV now. The peace and quiet are marvelous. If you’ve never lived without TV, I urge you to try it.

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