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Sharing Stories

Once a month, here in town, we have a sort of open mic for local writers. I generally go. Sometimes I read something. I went tonight with an agenda. The woman who runs the festivities had announced that in honor … Continue reading

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Why Bother?

A random web crawl this morning took me to a post on filmmaking. Muire Dougherty has pursued a career as an indie filmmaker, and has become disillusioned. There’s no such thing as an indie filmmaker, she tells us: It’s just … Continue reading

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Staying Connected

Nothing new in the blog all week, and there’s a reason for that: My modem went dead. The tech support people at AT&T are very friendly, but it took them several days to diagnose the fact that the DSL connection … Continue reading

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Anybody who thinks the world is designed so as to provide us humans with lives of fulfillment, contentment, and self-actualization, I’d like to sell you some Kool-Aid. Yesterday I glanced at a story in the paper about children being forced to … Continue reading

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Is it depression? Or just ennui?

Sitting in the swamp today. Squishing the icky green mud between my bare toes. Somehow I can’t quite summon up the enthusiasm to do anything whatever. One advantage of writing interactive fiction is that it’s so absurd. So praeternaturally useless. … Continue reading

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Academic Piffle

I just boxed up two books on archaeology to return them to Amazon. (Good news: Amazon makes it easy!) I bought the books because I wanted to learn about Mediterranean prehistory — the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. What I … Continue reading

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Open the Box

Just discovered After suffering through the blather of radio DJs and the vomit of ads for, oh, close to fifty years, at last I can enjoy listening! I’ve set up a “station” based on things like Weather Report, Brian Eno, … Continue reading

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Genteel Poverty

File this under “rich old white guys whining” if you want to. But it’s a real problem. When I got laid off 6 years ago, I was already over 50. The prospects of finding another comparable editor-type job in the music … Continue reading

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Never having studied philosophy, I have a seat-of-the-pants definition of empiricism: It’s the process of deriving truths from observed phenomena. Religion is by definition non-empirical. That is, religion starts with the idea that certain things (notably the existence of “God”) are … Continue reading

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