I’ve written a fair amount of short fiction, some of it published here and there over the years. I doubt any publisher is ever going to want to do a new anthology of my stuff — not enough money in it — so why not do one myself? Services like lulu.com make it pretty darn easy.

The stories from the ’80s don’t exist in electronic form, but I have a cardboard box full of old author’s copies of magazines, plus three different anthologies that picked up stories of mine from the magazines. Retyping old stories is annoying, but it’s a great opportunity to re-edit them.

When I opened the box, I found a paperback anthology called Beyond Armageddon, which was published in 1985. I had entirely forgotten about it, which says something about how seriously I’ve failed to take my fiction writing over the years. Included in Beyond Armageddon was a rather desperately downbeat story of mine called “My Life in the Jungle,” which had first been published the year before in F&SF. The other authors in the book included (-ahem-) Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Poul Anderson, J. G. Ballard, John Wyndham, Roger Zelazny, and Arthur C. Clarke.

The fact that I had no memory of it is truly frightening. I think I need to pay closer attention.


One thought on “Into the Vault

  1. Dude. Yes, you do. Those are some heavy hitters on that lis! I’d die happy if that happened to me.

    Frm: onepennyprofiles.wordpress.com

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