Staying Connected

Nothing new in the blog all week, and there’s a reason for that: My modem went dead. The tech support people at AT&T are very friendly, but it took them several days to diagnose the fact that the DSL connection was becoming more and more flaky on account of the modem going bad. At first they told me it was a server problem in San Francisco, but apparently that was a fish story.

On Tuesday I ordered a new modem from them, paying extra for next-day delivery, so of course it arrived on Friday. I suppose I could contest the premium shipping charge, but it’s only ten bucks, and who wants to fight with AT&T?

After the new modem arrived, tech support took me through a series of steps with it that they had never tried with the old modem. So I don’t know for a fact that the old one is dead. But there’s an electronic recycling tomorrow, and it would take two hours of testing, so the hell with it. I’ve got a new modem. I’m happy now.

You don’t know you’re an Internet addict until your modem goes dead. I couldn’t check my email! I couldn’t make moves in my online go games! I couldn’t access bug reports from the testers on my new game! I couldn’t order books from Amazon! Eeek!

How bad it got: Last night I went down to the public library and got a couple of books full of logic puzzles. (Zombie necessity: Need to use left brain constantly. Need to stay distracted.)

But now things are back to normal. What book was it I wanted to order? Can’t remember.

Hey, you don’t suppose there really was a server down in San Francisco? It could all have been a conspiracy to sell new Motorola hardware to people whose old modems were still working perfectly well.

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