Teaching Electronic Music

Late-breaking news: I may be about to start offering private lessons in electronic music technology and computer recording. The lessons will be through Fine Fretted Friends in Livermore.

Logistics remain to be worked out. It’s a bit different from teaching cello, because everybody will have slightly, or radically, different computer setups. Also, there are no method books, so the students and I will have to work out the curriculum as we go along.

Still, it could work out really well. I know there’s a need for it — nobody around here is teaching this stuff, and I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of musicians in the area who would like to be more in control of their home recording setup but don’t know where to turn.

If you’re not in Livermore or the surrounding area, this may not interest you — but if you’ve taken, or taught,¬†private lessons in the technology and production techniques, I’d love to hear about your experiences, either positive or negative.

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