Good Advice

Searching for “synthesizer” in WordPress, I stumbled upon a post by someone who styles himself Click Me, Robert. Robert is either borderline illiterate or (more likely) not a native English speaker. There are several of what look like phishing links on the page — and the same text material, with different phishing links, is on a page attributed to Todd Jenkins. Looks like digital rot is creeping through the WordPress ivy at a great rate!

Be that as it may; in the course of a very bad overview of synthesizer programming, Robert/Todd the Bulgarian prankster tumbled into a wonderful sentence. He was advising folks to start by programming the filter, and he said of filtering:

“First we need to carve away the unwanted part of the music.”

That is profound advice. Maybe I could carve away the hyperactive Keith Moon drumming from an old Who record or two….

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