Why not?

Back in the early ’60s, Steve Allen had a variety show. One of the resident comedians (I think it was Tom Poston) would occasionally wander into camera range, raise his eyebrows, and exclaim, “Why not?”

This was before Laugh-In. The standards of TV comedy were not, perhaps, extremely high. (They weren’t much higher after Laugh-In, for that matter. Monty Python’s Flying Circus was still several years in the future.) But the question has never lost its pungency. Why not, indeed, start a blog on WordPress? Everybody else has one.

Oh, sure, I have a website too, but my traffic is in the high single digits per month, and the design is bush league, and it’s kind of a rummage sale of stuff, some of it relevant, other bits fairly moth-eaten. A public diary devoted to rambling monologues on topics of possible relevance might be amusing. To me, at least.

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