Game Developments

Beta-testing has started on my prospective entry for the 2008 IFComp. The game is called “April in Paris.” It’s … not entirely serious in tone. I don’t want to say too much about it, because I might run afoul of the Comp rules and get disqualified.

The testing process is always interesting, and generally nerve-wracking. You think you’ve got some pretty solid code, and then the first person who looks at it finds a way to make the game unwinnable. I spent four solid hours last night processing play transcripts — adding stuff, fixing stuff.

Since this is my third or fourth game in TADS 3 (depending on how you count — “Tin” was only an intro, and I was only half of the authoring team in “Mrs. Pepper’s Nasty Secret”), I’m getting a little faster at finding and fixing problems once they’re pointed out to me.

What’s cool is that every time a tester sends me a transcript, the game gets better.

I think the Comp starts on Sept. 30. When the game is available for download, I’ll post a message here.

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One Response to Game Developments

  1. bibleinteractivefiction says:

    I heard it was september 1st but you may be right. BTW I’m making a game for the IFComp too. The game is called The Lighthouse and you basically explore a lighthouse…Duh! Check out my blog at:

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